"If you pay a monthly fee around £150 and a fee of 50p per booking, or worse still, a flat-rate £2 per cover booking fee, then your losses start large and become greater as you get more bookings online."

Ezeebook was designed from the beginning to be the cheapest online restaurant booking system in the UK. To achieve this, it uses unique technology and employs in-house hosting in order to pass those savings directly to the customer. It does not promise to bring you hordes of new customers with unlimited spending power, it simply makes your restaurant as easy to book as it is to get a take-away or book a holiday. Its value is that it will re-inforce the strengths of a well marketed product. Online booking in itself is not going to unleash a deluge of trendies who want to be the first to book online. Even Grandad uses a smartphone these days.

What it will unquestionably do, is save you lots of time. If you pay your staff 8 per hour and it takes 3 minutes on the phone to book each table, ezeebook has paid for itself in 15 minutes or 5 bookings and all your other online bookings are a cost saving or bonus profit. On the other hand, if you are already paying 2 per cover and choose to keep it that way, one person eating alone every day will be the limit of your ambition online in financial terms.
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